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Wrinkle-Reducing Injections


Injections of neuromodulators/neurotoxins are a very safe, time proven and effective way to reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions and muscle contractions of face and neck.  


Currently FDA approved medications are Botox, Xeomin, Dysport and Jeaveau. These are not similar medications and each one has its own unique molecular and functional properties. In general, they block the transmission of the nerve impulses to the muscle and result in muscle relaxation and modification of its contractions. These medications do not have any direct or deleterious effect on the treated areas muscles or nerve endings. The untreated muscles are also not affected.  


Using a micro-sized needle, small doses of the medication is injected directly into the targeted muscles, resulting in the smoothness and “un-wrinkling” of the overlying skin.  


These medications are used only to treat “dynamic” wrinkles. The treatment areas are ever expanding and include frown lines, worry lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, laugh lines, smoker’s lines and neck bands. Other advanced treatments include eyebrow lift, “lip pop”, gummy smile, smile lift, nose lift, masseter muscles (“angled jaw”) and dimpled chin (“chinolites”). 


Treatment sessions usually last for 15 minutes.   There is no recovery period and patients should not experience any down-time. Occasional minor complications such as bruising may happen.   Although major and more serious complications are very rare, for safety reasons, it would be prudent to receive treatments from an experienced licensed medical professional who has a proven track record.  Depending on the individual, the effects of the treatments will become visible after 5-10 days and will peak in 2-4 weeks. The effects will generally last for 3-4 months and will wear off gradually.

The professionals at Artisan MedSpa will assist you to create a treatment plan to maintain a long lasting outcome optimal result.  

Botox Injections


Dermal fillers are FDA approved injectable smooth gels that are designed to plump up and correct the “static” lines resulting from volume loss. They can also be used to augment and add volume to different parts of face and body.


There are two (2) types of dermal fillers available in US: “natural” and “synthetic”. Only “natural” dermal fillers are used at Artisan MedSpa.


Currently there are only two (2) types of “natural” dermal fillers available in US. 

Hyaluranic Acid (HA) containing dermal fillers:

This group comprises the largest number of available dermal fillers. HA is naturally produced in the body and can be found in many areas including skin and joints. HA adds volume and hydration to skin and soft tissue. Brand names such as Versa, Juvederm and Restylane have been safely used in aesthetic medicine for approximately 2 decades. Available HA products have different consistencies and concentrations. A variety of HA dermal fillers are used for different purposes and aesthetic goals.

Different HA dermal fillers may last for 6-24 months.  If needed, HA dermal fillers can be dissolved and reversed by an experienced injector.    
Calcium (CaHA) containing dermal fillers: The only available product in US is Radiesse. It is robust and relatively firmer dermal filler. Radiesse can be used for deeper facial injections and remodeling. It can also produce collagen remodeling regeneration n the injected areas. CaHA is an irreversible dermal product and cannot be dissolved.

Results may last for 12 or more months.        


Dermal fillers can be injected in face and other parts of the body. The type and the amount of the injected dermal fillers should be selected after a thorough consultation with the medical provider and will depend upon the patient’s desired goals. 


Treatment sessions usually last for 30 minutes.

There is no recovery period and patients should not experience any down-time. Occasional minor complications such as bruising,  swelling or transient “lumps” may happen.


Although major and more serious complications are very rare, for safety reasons, it would be prudent to receive treatments from an experienced licensed medical professional who has a proven track record.


The ever expanding treatment areas include;

Lips, cheeks, chin, jaw lines, temples, nose, smile lines, marionette line, horizontal neck lines, décolleté lines and hands.

Dermal fillers are also used for correction of dimples and scars.

The most advanced of dermal fillers is for “liquid facelift”. 


What is a Liquid Facelift:
The liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure which relies on injections of various dermal fillers and neuromodulator, such as Botox, to achieve results comparable to surgical facelifts. 
It provides an uplifting of the sagging face, eliminates lines and wrinkles, and tightens the skin.  It results in an overall facial rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance.

Additional treatments with hyperdilute Radiesse, IPL, lasers and radiofrequency (RF) medical devices will enhance the results. 


What are the advantages of a Liquid Facelift over other procedures:
The liquid facelift technique offers many advantages over other procedures, including:
No need for general anesthesia
No need for surgery or incisions
Can be performed on an outpatient basis
Significantly lower cost
Quick recovery time
Treatment individualized for specific areas of the face
Quick results
Patient’s direct and real time participation in the ultimate outcome


Liquid Facelift Blog.png

Who is a candidate for a Liquid Facelift?

Nearly any individual in good general health who wants to achieve a more youthful, rested, rejuvenated appearance is a candidate for the liquid facelift technique.


What areas does a Liquid Facelift improve?

The liquid facelift can treat nearly any area of the face,

including the following areas:


  • Forehead

  • Under the Eyes (Tear Troughs)

  • Cheeks and under the cheeks

  • Nose

  • Ear lobes

  • Maxilla (upper lip area)

  • Jaw line and jowls

  • Chin

  • Laugh Lines

  • Marionette Lines 

  • Sleep Lines

  • Temples


How Is It Done?

The procedure starts with the application of a potent topical anesthetic cream. Once the treatment area(s) is numb the medical specialist will inject each area and mold the dermal filler. Most injections will last less than a minute. Depending upon the extent of treatment, with the entire procedure should take 30-45 minutes.   
The initial result of the treatment is immediately visible. To achieve optimal outcome and total satisfaction, patient’s candid input and direct involvement in the aesthetic outcome is sought throughout the procedure.    
It is expected for these results to evolve and improve during the days that follow. Generally it may take up to 2-3 weeks for the optimal results to manifest itself.

What to Expect:
In general, there is no downtime. Slight redness, swelling, and localized discomfort may occur in most patients. Any injection also carries a risk of bruising. Some areas of the face are more prone to bruising than others. Majority of bruises are minor and short lived. In some cases, deeper and more prolonged bruises may occur. Immediately after injection, some dermal fillers may cause tiny lumps to form under the skin. The majority of these lumps are not visible. As the material spreads out, most of these lumps will disappear in 7-14 days.


Depending upon patient’s desire and needs, Liquid Facelift can be completed either in one session or in a series of treatments spread over a period of time. Depending upon the type of dermal filler and the injected area(s), treatment effects may last between 6-24 months. The effects of the treatment can be prolonged through regularly scheduled touch-up procedures. 

Note:  At Artisan MedSpa all Liquid Facelift procedures are performed only by Dr. Samadi.


Fat-Dissolve (lipolysis) KYBELLA® Injection Treatments

How it Works: 


We start with a consultation to discuss and review your current anatomical location and extent of fat deposits.  An individualized customized program will be prescribed for you. Injections will only be performed by an experience licensed medical provider.


Which Areas Can Be Treated:


KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injections are FDA approved and indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with sub-mental fat (double-chin) in adults. Other off-label areas may include localized areas such as the “banana rolls”, “muffin tops” and “braw-bands”. 


What to Expect:


For optimal results, most patients will require 2-4 treatments.  Treatment sessions are scheduled 30-45 days apart.  The effects of injections usually last for a long time.  Additional treatments maybe required periodically, generally within 6-12 months.  Patients should expect redness and swelling at the injection site(s) lasting for up to 10 days.

Collagen Stimulation and Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatments with Hyperdilute Radiesse®


What is Hyperdilute Radiesse®: 

Unlike the hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers that restore volume simply by plumping up the skin, in addition to volume enhancement, Radiesse also functions as a collagen stimulator.  Rather than a volumizer, in this treatment, hyperdilyted Radiesse acts as a skin rejuvenation treatment.  

Hyperdilute Radiesse is simply Radiesse that is mixed with specific concentrations of bacteriostatic saline and lidocaine.   In this treatment modality, hyperdilyted Radiesse is used as a skin rejuvenation and/or cellulite treatment.  

This is truly exciting because it provides treatments for a wider range of aesthetic concerns such as skin crepiness and laxity and cellulite without adding volume enhancement, laser treatments or invasive surgical procedures.  


How Does It Work:

Using a canola, the huperdilute Radiesse mixture is injected superficially under skin of the desired areas.  Once injected, Radiesse provides immediate volume expansion and correction for the depleted areas.  As the Radiesse microspheres dissolve, it continues to work by stimulating new collagen growth.  It gradually tightens and thickens targeted areas of skin, revealing a smoother and firmer appearance and collagen rejuvenation from within.  


What to Expect:

Treatment results are manifested as early as 4 weeks after your treatment.  Long lasting results are gradual but very dramatic.

The procedure starts with application of numbing cream to the treatment area(s) before the injections.  The treatment areas will then be mapped.  Injections are performed with a very tiny flexible canola.  Treatments are essentially painless.  Traditionally no down-time is expected.  Each treatment session may last about 30-45 minutes per area.

Bruising, swelling, or tenderness is possible after the procedure, but is generally minor. 

To reach your goal we may perform a series of 3-4 treatments, spaced 1-2 months apart. You can maintain your improvements with periodic maintenance treatments every year or so, depending on your body’s unique response to treatment.


What Are the Targeted Areas:

Possible treatment areas can include:


Upper inner arms



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